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Julia The First

The nature showed a glorious view , since the mind altered the clouds, the birds, the memories. As time nor space didn’t matter, the small village showed the most beautiful sights. The heartless and vulgar dirty town that amazed themselves only by white innocent blood. This little piece of paradise endured all infernos possible and was starting to feel a fresh new. For God did exist, and lifted Bernard form threatening death and tested him even when they torn his heart , his innocence, his pride , his sight and his love, and his freedom. For all represented Bernard like he was represented through entire view of a big picture of the world. For let them have their dirty money , slaves, smokes and plagues. And he endured all monstrosities only through walking just as a spirit, as king without kingdom , in a word, a genius. As for you young reader, you will know people by their goods they produce. And give them what they give to you. And you will not fail to realize that the deepest sorrows are produced by other people. And very rare are good. Barbarians invasions didn’t stop and although they could do everything they wanted , they didn’t stop Bernard to laugh at them for he never lost his faith. As is it better to not to fall asleep again when you shine , my Sun ! All prophets are hated in home country and known abroad . And when he washed himself a thunderstorm was approaching. He knew he can loose his sight because it was so dangerous. There were no morality left in the world, except in old times. The butchers in castle dungeons were horrific and darkness was approaching center of the right vision. Hired mercenaries for few coins, worthless stuff. And maybe a scream or two, freedom for a few. And enormous will to live and love for mankind. Bernard was used to sleepless nights and sublime voice noise of the dragon. It started raining, and a drop of water of love is more than a sea of willpower was written on a tomb of a gravedigger. He also said that he differs people between those who can love life and those who aren’t able too. Bernard thought about those who believe in God and those who aren’t capable to believe in God. But how to value anything if you are without anything, when they take everything from you, for is it said you bring nothing to this earth and you will take nothing . And how many new gravediggers are there, danger on each step of the will. But nothing will stop Bernard with his quest for true love. In the sleepless night the monstrous bug disappeared after being touched with stick and tried to get into Bernard’s mouth. Sound sparks with electricity too. And he got poisoned smelly book the next day nearly tearing his mind and lucidity a part to state with no thought. And yes and idea came into his thoughts : God is and the basement of the world that shocks. We must accept Christ and believe , it’s the only way to be saved. copyright I.V. —————————————————————————————————————————– They wanted to burn Bernard alive but he was saved after second night by heavy thunderstorms and lightings. The meaning of evil acts against him was hidden and only God knew why it happened. He even wouldn’t be so hungry if torturers wouldn’t remind him of food so constantly and of women. For you can’t have food and eat it too at the same time. Alas! As he aged he didn’t need any woman anymore like testing him in desert, but never forgot Julia The First. There was something supernatural in Bernard.” All this I am” said Bernard, defying various types of evil creatures that surrounded his castle. But he didn’t lock himself in some tower ,as pointing creatures were different than himself. He gazed in a crystal ball that showed all the land , planet and universe and saw like himself inside it, a picture that reminded him of himself, a mirror of himself. But some or half of the things were not himself. And he catch rhythm with things too, dancing and singing. If not for the cold water near him he would surely loose all eyesight, a terrifying threat. Some creatures used before a potion to erase Bernard’s memories and he, thanks to God, got memories back in few years of heavy thinking and now some creatures with chief dragon threatened him to erase permanently his memories again. Bernard remembered his childhood when his father showed him Ursa Major and Ursa Minor constellation. Sometimes Bernard thought that spirit doesn’t want to be here but still desires eternity, deep eternity. Bernard got new crystal ball that showed him parts of what was happening in the world, but he was having trouble with his sight. So he went to a mystic healer in the woods who couldn’t help him and threatened him that he can loose his sight. A big storm approached when he was returning with his carriage to home and one big rock hit the carriage Bernard was in , but glorious power of God helped him and he survived yet again as many times before as God helped him and he saw moral law as bigger than universe itself. And love, yes love and freedom. Good God saved him again and he returned to his castle. He went to forest to buy food but was attacked by the king’s carriage of taking taxes.He wished all the best for people of kingdom. And again he was threatened with entire ruling kingdom as decades ago and ago. He also wanted to have clothes but didn’t know who sells them as near there were no merchants to buy and he didn’t have enough gold. Against all hardship he barely kept his independence despite all his body ills and problems with sight. Also he was completely casted out of society. He felt like he was at penal prison on some remote island as he was nearly completely alone for over two decades and recently five years of complete isolation (30 years he was closed in an attic where demon dragon passed it every 15 minutes, and he was tortured every day with par excellence devices, for 20 years he didn’t see the Sun from dark attic and he could only listen to metal music in his most happy and precious period of his life. Responsible for this is his kingdom, representatives of kingdom and today’s word so called leaders). Before going to voodoo witch demon doctor he received some clothes that remained him about his youth and at arriving at the witch doctor although there was plague, witch didn’t wear plague mask. He was ordered to meet her. Luckily he went away from her and her demons in short brief. And back in the castle all was good and big storm was approaching. After mystic healer his sight went even worse. At night he red in a crystal ball that heavy dragons were in the sky in area near him. “The Sun shines for everyone.” said Bernard after the storm. Next day foreigners from foreign land came to Bernard but he didn’t understand their speech and he thought it must be dangerous. And so he went to sleep again and he slept for two days only to be waked up by a stranger at his open castle who came for some food or something and went away. Two representatives of the kingdom came to threaten Bernard that they would take his castle. Two evil women came with carriage, two heads one ass, They were so evil that they threatened even Bernard’s family. They threated Bernard about being alive and that he was a wreck of life and so on even wanted to fire him with lead claiming he was imbecile and such things. Bernard knew that thoughts can alter or influence material world. Bernard went few steps out of the castle thinking his thoughts are holy and sound holy and went back while in second he sensed something was wrong and went into the castle while he heard a gunshot very near him! —————————————————————————————————————————- Bernard saw many carriages of hunters near his castle although they claimed castle was propriety of kingdom thieves. Again kingdom representatives came to castle and crystal ball stopped working. They were not like vampires that takes blood once, but they took constantly blood of Bernard. Again and again and again without stopping and tried to completely erase Bernard’s memories. And they didn’t let him write. The henchmen fired arrows into Bernard’s heart. Time ago they did the same and Bernard barely survived. Also his crystal ball fired some electricity to him , but he survived that too. Bernard laughed and said to the crystal ball that was seeing all the kingdom and beyond “Behold ! Lo ! I give to the powerful crystal ball a compass , a compass that shows that all inhabitants of kingdom live in a sort of a penal colony.” And also said “The best things in life are free and money is the root of all evil.” His eagle was on alarm note and he stopped it at the last second. A very creepy old man who knew some high rank officials in the kingdom broke in Bernard’s castle and took some things. He catch him away few years ago, but this time Bernard was prepared. Also signals and pictures from the crystal ball showed him that he was hunted in all of the kingdom, but his castle and kingdom beyond , he didn’t belong to this world or earth , he belonged to God and paradise in his mind. And all the phenomenon that happened were related only to his mind and soul. Cruel attacks and forgotten horrors made on him and so on. Crystal ball showed him that plague was spreading through the kingdom. And there were shortage of food. Bernard was many times without food and it too with a lot of efforts and pain, and hard way to get some food. If this universe was able to love back Bernard thought, it would be wonderful. And so it seemed that life was some sort of penal colony that very good compass showed and that we should be very afraid of those who lead such colony. Like Bernard who barely saw, so people can’t see and stand each other told one old witch to Bernard. Liars about history. And nearly no morals at all. Bernard mainly slept through month, the news of spreading plague was news and some scares of the castle. His sight greatly went to worse again. There was no moral at all comparing Bernard to a rat and so on. Bernard nearly forgot all the torture of youth and horrific suffering. He tough that once you die it’s the same as if you have never been born at all. On one point of view is not the same. Some fighters outside fired shot and some rumors were heard. The Bernard remembered where he saw Julia. It was in learning gathering long ago. But after all they didn’t want him to love or learn and expelled him from learning gatherings and everybody left him all alone. A very old woman told Bernard before she died that people can’t stand to see each other. Nonetheless Country of Birth of Bernard was totally invaded , divided and stolen till last penny or cent. Totally destroyed land. An old mercenary king came to castle threatening and nearly set all on fire. There were smokes and dragons. —————————————————————————————————————————– copyright I.V. All gods envied love of Bernard and Julia, and they did make it not possible. Kingdom wanted Bernard ruined at all costs. And was God who brought him from the dead and also his generation didn’t want him to love. The plague was spreading through nearly entire kingdom. After Bernard’s nearly stopped heart at age 33 he realized that people say good about God but don’t believe in him. They tried to destroy the castle. They nearly made him totally blind and Bernard’s sight was worsening to maximum. And also his new crystall ball started to burn. An old henchman entered his castle and went to drink strong drink in the cellar. They made a shame even of God. They, the elite should be ashamed thought Bernard. There were mainly two worlds , one of light and one of darkness. But there was also a third world. You can trust God and go like spirit and nothing can touch you. Bernard saw hyper lightings on a stormy night. The world prepared perfect trap for him which he survived many years ago and yet again. As he saw some palaces and riches in crystal ball, he thought that things are not as they seem , more of a Fata Morganas or chimerical vision, because the world is tremendously beautiful outside , the inside is pain , suffering ,misery and wretchedness. Chimeras of the world. Crystal ball predicted snow but it was a sunny day. At midnight huge explosion hit Bernard’s castle and was in fire. Then he needed pipe for water. Automatons* were trying to take over the castle, again. i.e. *steampunk and he got a black death letter from the kingdom for celebration of new period of time. Bernard thanked all kingdoms he had experience with through crystal ball. Bernard found in his bedroom that thief at night stole some of his healing herbs. The henchman arrived at Bernard castle threatening him that he was erased from Earth like some thousands infidels or simple people of Kingdom. Plague according very old old henchman boss was just a costume, friendship and thing that should be. That when was reporting of old people dying so popular as of later. A very threatening scene is when old man is dying and he can open doors to death to another person when he is dying, a frightening scene. All this Bernard courageously stand and was quiet. Being quiet and not react is one of the biggest controversies and defense. And that all working and studies about philosophy would be in vain, just vanity. Bernard thought that consciousness starts together with subject and goes away with the subject reflecting itself in the world like cube of four mirrors. World is my idea he thought as Schopenhauer. ATILEA “And those who love too much what they get in return ?” Bernard asked as he lay down with Martina. “Bernard, You talk like you are not from this world.” “I don’t feel I am a part of it anyways.” Moonlight shined on their bodies, was raying through the window in room, for which people tought it was empty. Martina was shaking from life vitality and was asking herself how to not insult her beloved. “You put too much on your shoulders, dear my. Is world outside us really so important, that you would sacrifice yourself for ideals which for thousand years won’t be realized. I know you too well. Tri to forget, just for now all torture, coming danger and with red color painted memories. It’s really not important since i am with you. What would you also want ?” “Martina , my youth was taken by force. I can’t forget this over night. Really a lot of things were painted and immersed in me and all right, I will try to forget just for the moment that will in the morning all again come to me, because I didn’t learn enough yet. No this you really can’t forget and also…” “Please Bernard , you already know what they talk about us in the town. I know we luckily survived many things. And we can thank God that we are still alive…” “Martina , yesterday I could really go totally blind, with these broken bones and many times broken skull… this damn blood drinkers and criminals attack the best beings who are for good, when they are the most weak. Only innocent white blood can satisfy them in abundance of all things. Please tell me, what they still want ? Didn’t they took all from me ? … and as such I can’t have children.” “Don’t worry. I believe that once it will all return and that there will be chance…” “Martina, When ? , when ? When I will be few inches under the ground. Do you have please one shot of vodka ?” “Please, don’t drink Bernard.” Bernard touched Martina’s hair and gently kissed her. In this moment it seemed to him that all was realized and completed and that he could die in peace. Wanting something with such desire and loving with such force, that he would die for just one kiss is all heroism of human being. But Bernard reflected on all previous happenings and feelings that is human wisdom to remember horrible scream of a man and quiet silence of the world. Now he thought that was God who united him with Martina. In moments of kissing he realized even more about his love , impossible breakup from her and a man would like that this would last for all eternity. “Martina, are we free ?” “I wouldn’t say so Bernard. All the city hate us.” “Can you please tell me why, I still can’t understand why.” “They see us in a different light, not like we are in reality. The think with reason and they forgot that human was more human being in history in times gone by. Aside from this they have to lower all the biggest ones. This is modern and some sort of national sport.” “Martina, sometimes I sense and it seems that I am lonely in this lovely world. Without you , although i know this is a cheat.” “Because you are human , you feel sometime inhumanity of others who work for…” “Martina please, I know you also know that besides love , freedom is the greatest value and that is in this world nearly unreachable. IF we lived long ago , you think we would be free? “ “Bernard don’t think what others do or think. You realized alone their nature and character, when you barely survived and sucked till the last drop of blood. and you still don’t believe me. .. They are selfish just by nature and although they are , they still teach them to be selfish.. You and your altruism nearly put you early in grave and death. Bernard know that I know you too well and I love you so much , that I would do anything for you. “ Both lied down and pressed ne against another and watched themselves like they first fell in love. Every night dialogue , philosophical themes for the last two weeks, and visons of two like they were two naive lovers. *to be continued …First published in Slovenian language when there was economic crisis. ATILEA part 2 *Turned Aelita by Aleksey Tolstoy “Martina! Each second I am scared to go blind. This is horrible feeling, like threats for our own life.” “Don’t be afraid . Today we go to nature which you really love. Not everyone see it’s magic, you know…” “They ruined nature a lot Martina…” “I know that around our earth are mainly big rocks. I will drive you to brook, there you will start to remember…” “Bernard , never again I want to see you to work , which you would think, to please other people. It is really for happiness a must to be congratulated from other people ? Remember that they hate you a lot, also because of me.” “When will we go ?” “Right now , and please stop making panic.” It was year 2050 and Martina still drove old and renewed Yugo 45, white on dusty road to the brook. For other people such cars didn’t exist anymore, also in this way they didn’t bring any attention from the masses of people through which they went very slowly. Sun sent its gifts, it seemed that it shines and heat only Martina and Bernard. The car was making some sound and just right away they were at brook. There was heard old cooling fan, when Martina shut off the motor. She didn’t lock it as such autos are not interesting even for vandals. Slowly they both marched to brook. Bernard heard calming sound of the river, which installed n him a memory of the past, when he was still free or he just thought, that he was free. They sit down each on one rock and they watched brook. Small brook, but for both Martina and Bernard, the most interesting one. “Are you hungry ?” she asked, like she knew the answer in advance. “Martina, you already know that for us to get food, not to say even alcohol is extremely hard task and road. I am not hungry, or I am so, that I don’t know if I am hungry. Look you also eat a little, you know , this they like. Martina I am more worried about other things…” “Please don’t start. You know we still didn’t finish our task on this lovely world.” “What task? For who? For kings?” “For those who lost all hope, and we still didn’t yet…” “Martina ! …” Martina took from pocket small bottle of rum. God knows or Devil knows, how she knew Bernard so well. “Want a drink?” “What will it help , if everything is not right…” Bernard whit a curious face looked at Martina. “Do you think That I think that you are dead like other people think. ? “ “Martina for you they think that you don’t even exist. Besides, even if they saw you , they would say that sent you devil and not God. You can’t believe them this” “I knew for you unlimited , unsatisfied wishes. I know they would suffocate you in a spoon of salted water. For this reason I came.” “Martina, are hell really other people ?” “For some yes. And you know they can’t wait to…for you…, I swear I would not let them.” Sun shined on Bernard’s tired face and Bernard started to think. For this world God didn’t exist anymore, even long ago. How is that Bernard still believed it should remain a secret and hidden, just for a brief time. Martina put back small bottle of rum in her pocket and went on knees in front Bernard. “Please don’t think like other people. Please I know in the essence we are very much the same, not to say equal, but I also know that to your mind there is no match in this world, which looks like a grain of sand in universe. Please, excuse me , if I must be so direct : I love you without end.” “I am worried I am not worthy of your love. I am a monster for others or at most wild dog…” “Bernard! They underestimated and lowered you enough, that they drink the last blood of yours! Please, believe me.” Bernard would nearly started to cry, if he was younger. Although it erupted from him : “They don’t even know what unforgivable damage they done to me…” “You survived Bernard.” “Yes, I survived.” “Does this tell you something ?” “Enormously Martina.” *** In town was hear that today are different times. All is new. All new was always a word for optimism and industrious politicians. “Give them what they give to You” Bernard remembered as angel told him once. And he received a triangle with three sides. On side it wrote : You feel peace with me, on the other side : even if you will really hardly accept this , know that they hate you and on third side : that woman is not worthy of you. The reason capacity was not so capable as instinct. Bernard was out of the system which is the first lecture of wisdom. Who they hate the most ? The new value maker, the code breaker, however he is a creator. Those who present new values have fame , gold and glory, but the value maker , the creator of this has none. In darkness is hard to find the light, but when you find it , you illuminate the darkness. And in this darkness he found one quote of a famous man who said that freedom is only for slave owners and democracy for the few and rich. And elite works with masses like with explosive dynamite. Scream into the space “Love, love where are you ?” When Bernard was 20 years old he was imprisoned in the best years of life , even though he was innocent, in a dark attic with heavy metal sounds till he was 30, to even 40 years old, a horrific torture even without little food. Bernard wanted to recommend to go out of the system to any young man as soon as possible if he can, as all philosophers , from the first to the last, recommended escape. And believe only what is written with blood. For You are alone in this world before God. And Kingdom thought Bernard would be dead by now. As the night approached, they took some blood from Bernard and not for the first time. Rich people are guilty for everything and they will go with the soil no matter how much gold they have. “That I should not live, that I should not live this my contemporaries tell me” thought Bernard and it seemed for his entire generation that he didn’t exist. This world hated God, the exiled knows very well. For other people are like small rocks trying to shine and genius is a diamond that shines. Bernard wondered where is the outrage of billions of working people toward the elite in the kingdom ? He knew of social monstrous experiments of the world, the baseness of the world and no moral law. Tears make us human. Bernard also wondered although all people know they will die, that they live like they will live forever. Maybe because they have no time to think. Nothing essential has changed or will change for a long, long time. That there will be change is an old lie of the kingdom. In the last two thousand years there were mainly no basic changes, but to sharpen what is for rich and poor. Kernel of Christianity is that this world is full of suffering and wretchedness. But people live contrary to what sages say, they exchange leisure time and time for thinking for champagne and this will be also in the future. Thing in itself , two thousand years of finding truth is that all phenomena, objects and appearances of the world are will to live. The truth , the thing in itself is will to live. But a priest thinks his body is thing in itself and goes first to doctor when something is wrong. And some would say the truth is will to power…that I exist before God forever is enough for me to know thought Bernard. ***** I. 1. Empirical fact is that there are billions of people. 2. Immanuel Kant proved that this only seems so. II. 1. Material world can’t exist without consciousness. 2. Consciousness can’t exist without matter. (Immanuel Kant proved this. Material world and consciousness are together the same, one.) ***** ***** Random thoughts : Behind the curtain they know that system in kingdom doesn’t work. (i.e. capitalism doesn’t work) All they have towards you is revenge, because you were once part of them and now you are a free thinker. They want you to loose values you love the most. Working class has to produce working class. Nature doesn’t lie and truth is a revolutionary act. Life is unfair and unjust on every step. Once classified, forever classified. Reason comes slowly (Blaise Pascal). Life is a dream. It would be stupid to prove dreams are dreams, or that I exist alone. Minority of people are good, most are evil. Children millions years in future will take everything. All my problems came because of thinking that people are good. Educated women are problem for a husband and entire humanity (Rousseau). ***** Kingdom took all the possessions and palaces Bernard had till the last coin, everything. They even attacked his own family and so on. For kingdom is the most cold monster among all monsters that lies and steals with teeth of its own dead soldiers. They also took a lot of gold from Bernard and his family. Till the last coin. And nearly everyone gets imprisoned and cheated by kingdom sooner or later. As this wasn’t enough they checked and fired all personal belongings of Bernard ! Meanwhile plague was spreading -and some villagers got ill. —— Transcendental phenomenology of the spirit I. There is no time. There is no space. Consciousness is. II. Leave solipsism. III. Justice is under earth. IV. All hate genius. V. Poor next genius. VI. Physiognomy it’s not reflection of a human. VII. In the end a woman buries you. VIII. People IX. They steal the best ideas and toughts. X: And it still flies (* AELITA ) XI. Women are like Napoleon. XII. You are old enough to wear brown shirt. XIII. Total deformation of nature. XIV. The most important value is freedom. XV. God is dead. Especially if he saves you from ashes. and few secret thesis…Written in my youth… Bernard lived for decades like Robinson Crusoe in prison. Recently he got one eye bleeding as he was listening to local news through crystal ball because is this : prophet is not without honor , just in his home country is he without honor. And beware of leaders who lead this penal colony called life (Schopenhauer). And in home country they won’t leave you without working (Emil Cioran). You would be a king if you revived all the soldiers who died for countries. The castle was all surrounded with soldiers and they wanted Bernard to leave the castle. For always this persecution of the great free spirit. Leaders are like being with two heads (left and right) and one ass, and Bernard remembered they stopped at his castle few years ago with a big barrel of alcohol. (Zarathustra). This world before God is world of business and pleasure (Berkeley). Human activities are suffering. All suffering is life and people like life so they like suffering . Kingdom watches you on every step (Dostoevsky : The possessed). Last words from Leo Tolstoy were : “how are peons dying ? ” You see, they are not executed. Language was made to enslave people. All philosophers from the first to the last suggested escape from the system. Bernard realized that the best things in life are free, like health, love etc. To have not a little and not too much money is the key. “Even if they gave me all the universe, all the world, all values of the world, nearly everything they wouldn’t repay me not even one percent of the damage they done to me and to my love Julia” thought Bernard. You will see that the moral love of love over all is not integrated in the baseness of the law of the world. You will notice the baseness of the world in every area. A human being has so much free will as the ball after shot of billiard. Thoughts can become things and things can become thoughts. (Spinoza) People despair over the kingdom and they watch childish games like super bowl or soccer or play cards, lottery etc without exchanging ideas. What is all this phenomenological world and what it does to you ? It’s nothing (it’s vanity) and it kills you (Edgar Allan Poe). You are innocent, you are like Clark Kent, you are superman. Let’s see who puts you very early in chains. Guilty are rich people, political elite, white collar hoaxers, paid scientists with professors at the universities, authorities and your prince and queen , including you near doctor. They are guilty for everything bad in the world. Guilty is predatory blond clan-monsters, beast of prey. Never say I don’t know what was happening. Life is like a dream and you can influence it like a dream. Like a dreamer for dreams is real so you are real as subject in this world and you are thing in itself while the world is just appearance. You can catch the rhythm. (4) The Standpoint of Idealism – Schopenhauer – YouTube ***** On Thinking For Oneself – Arthur Schopenhauer ***** In the end nearly all men find out that what they worked for (thinking mistake that they work for themselves) was working for children. Can you imagine how much sweat people will loose and they will spend millions of hardworking years so that children of the future will take everything. Our planet civilization is maybe not even born yet or it’s still a baby. Can you imagine what all people will stole in 300 million years from now. Can you imagine what all will they have, maybe even immortal biological bodies and transfers of souls into perfect bodies How is it possible that two equal men meet and one enslave with violence another, the same intelligent person. Ask your local politician ! It’s brilliant to go just as a spirit in youth so You have first hand proof of God existence. Thank You my readers , it means a lot to me. One flame of fire love is more than all material things in the world. Remember that thoughts can change, alter and influence material world. All lives matter. Once or when You die is like You have never been born at all. People want eternity, deep eternity. If You really want to know all : what will happen when You die ? You will be the same as before You were born. What is the worst is usually true…but not always. God bless You all people. I cannot express enough gratitude to all who read me. Spasiba, Thank you Details are sometimes very important because they can ruin perfect configuration of things just like bugs can ruin program. And luck is important too. It’s good to plan for the future so you have a future, sometime if you don’t plan for future you have no future. But luck can ruin also plans of future. So luck is very important in life is like wind on the sail of ship. Extremely happy life is like fatamorgana in the desert you see it but it’s nothing. But still there is so much real happiness in the world like there are diamonds and gold in _African caves or Australian mines. Because this life was not created for meaning of happiness. God exiled Adam from paradise and now you have it.. But if you are extremely lucky ,this life is more than zero, you would have to be Young , billionaire with many friends , women, guys , yachts, planes , palaces and you would have all and these things and also drugs it would be wonderful so what about code health , money , youth or if you will it drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll. In Europe people kill people in family in closest circle , If You want to know how life ends I tell You : probably you get executed or other people “kill You” you usually in own family relations like is made in _Europe, so yes life ends in executions. One big misantrophy was Buddha, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Marx and Kant. They hated humans. Usually you will find traces of misantrophy in people when they reach over 40 years of life and break once and for all all ties with society and live in their own company. For every great soul lives alone. Democracy is tool made for capitalism, so stating this would be a radical act. Greeks had for example better democracy that is now. Elite : let poor kill the poor . Even in the first world country someone who doesn’t have money dies. like for example for lack of 2000 € dies quickly and prematurely , this phenomenon doesn’t exist in third world only , but in center of first world in Europe ! Bernard survived yet another attack on his castle and family. He is thinking to leave the village and relocate to some other location. Like Papillon he engraved his name into the wall for proof that he was here in some sort of penal colony, in a jail in the jail! You know what is the biggest tragedy? His tortures and suffering was made by the kingdom who lies with stolen teeth of its best soldiers who fell for the land and respect it not like scum people. You know what’s Bernard’s tragedy ? He is completely innocent and treated like the worst criminals. There runs a deep big plague on the planet Earth, the plague is called : Capitalism ! They crucified Jesus. This tells you a lot of what people are. Omnia Vincit Amor Rimo Catholic Religion is the best religion in the world hehe Was due ererbt von deinen Vätern hast, Erwirb es, um es zu besitzen.(11) Walter Jews begged Arthur Schopenhauer for few coins, he told me that they were so annoying. So they are in Satan circle, center in Divina Comedia by Dante Alighieri. PICTURE OF ATILEA (R) TM : 1. PRISON DEVIL ISLAND 2. ESCAPE FROM PRISON 3. ETERNAL ROMANTIC LOVE 4. WAY TO MARS AND BACK TO EARTH 5. DEFEATED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BY A HEROIC REGULAR HUMAN If they gave me all the world and entire universe, they wouldn’t repay me not even on cent or a penny or not even 1% of damage in comparison to what they did to me. God and Country by Bakunin and such hoaxers… Upright Citizens : Never Say Goodbye (germanic punk band) Elite politicians take Your : 1. PRIDE 2. FREEDOM 3. SOUL They took from Bernard’s Castle dozens of the best love letters to his love Julia ! And most of the villagers died….only few remained in the Village of Light ! DOWN WITH FASCISTIC TERROR. WE GAVE BLOOD, WE WON’T GIVE FREEDOM !!! P.S. Take Your bourgeoisie Courts to Hell !!! 1. If You go to grave, goes also all material world. If my consciousness ends it is the end also of so called phenomenological world of objects. Kant PROVED it !. 2. Maybe it’s solipsism but we won’t close in that tower. Entire picture of Atilea (turned Tolstoy’s Aelita) is entire universe that is infinite and has no beginning and no end. and that only matter exist permanently, That You think You are just one out of billions similar beings that toils, press in time passing in time , like fleshes , suffer and die is a grave mistake . Descartes and Berkeley and Kant first pointed on this mistake and began modern philosophy. The truth is that there are not too many beings but that there are to little people! All billions die but You are more. They go with the soil, but genius , the real nobel free man , never a slave, genius wakes just in another tavern etc…There are billions of infinite possibilities and parallel universes that go from one point and it’s the best possible universe because in other universes we died ? etc. Illusion of the spirit is this objective material world. And together with it You are one. 3. They (the elite) can take your soul , the true being never. And also they can never take Your love. God exists. Dear readers, If you think You will make money with Schopenhauer You are deadly wrong . You won’t get one cent or a penny from him or knowing him. He didn’t make not even one cent with his books, he lived with two professors payments like it would be 10000 euros € per month now. But yes , it’s a big misfortune to grow old without money. Rich people save and care for money like for their own life. In all honesty other people get money if you know Schopenhauer. But if you want to be practical be, You save money, invest etc…and you will have some , but remember it will be Very difficult. Schopenhauer was ascetic and didn’t care much about money. Also Nikola Tesla didn’t care about Jews and their money. Leo Tolstoy didn’t want to have money for his book War and peace etcetc. All philosophers were poor except Aristotle. And Nietzsche having only a little state stipend claimed : to have not too much money and to have no to little money is the key. But if you want to have money, study management and go where money is. We philosophers know better excitements and muse than money… P.s. I would like to stress again how much it means that someone reads my words. If it will happen that only one or two young men to go out of the system and be happy without the system , I would be very happy and proud. Our priest bought two shampoos for hair. The one of no brilliant brand and advertisement and expensive price worked better. The biggest secret is this : 1. YOU HAVE NO POSSIBILITY TO GO TO U.S.A. 2. YOU HAVE NO POSSIBLITY TO GROW RICH. If You are the lowest bottom Class and You want to change to middle Class is totally crazy, because You can’t change The Class. You have to act a role in Your Class. (and act very good because it is better to be bad screenwriter of Your entire life than an actor in first Class and spot ! ) … Kingdom took Bernard’s items, photos, hundreds of diaries, love letters, his unpublished book About Origin of Inequality of the World and even Memory Book. They took till the last item he had and burned it ! Countries are so cold that they can’t even move. I heard they will take to the last inch of all our land. Let them fight and die for land, we won’t die for land. And of course they will go with soil. ” The others are serfs and go with the soil — glebae adscripti. ” (ref. Schopenhauer) (reference Jean Jacques Rousseau)… SCHOPENHAUER WAS TARGETING YOUNG PHILOSOPHERS WHO BELIEVE IN GOD. I know him too much well , and also Nietzsche I know too much well. Proof of God was result of WWII ! Bernard finally thought : ” You have to be very, very careful of so called societies of this penal colony called life and of so called Leaders who lead them. If You have just a little piece of salt in Your head You live out of the system. And such are only one fifth 1/5 of people if they tell you or not. And God bless All Who are out of or have luck to be out of the system !” Threat to Human life and humanity : 1. Artificial intelligence 2. Capitalism 3. Fascism and Nazism Money is happiness in abstract. When You can’t be happy anymore You foolishly think You can buy happiness with money. Word is not a horse. Word was made to enslave human beings. Countries are made for many , many too many people. Rich people don’t need countries. My dearest Love, I regret playing atheist PC game , adventure DISCWORLD NOIR, instead to come into Your arms FOREVER.( instead to come to see You at university I played this crapy game, the year was 2001 and I was insecure if You would like me. I fell down because your beauty. ) You were the one I waited my entire Life for… Yours faithfully, Humble believer, Igor Picture of 96′ , Hemingway : The Old Man and the sea (spoiler: old man is on lost island in the sea and he is nearly blind) A man can be defeated , but he can be never destroyed.. Would You like that all Your property would be of the state or charitable institutions, If so listen to crafty sweet wording white collar politicians, creating fear of comply through terror and scare when they know they lost all respect. Creating poverty so they can earn money by stealing people propriety. Be afraid every second that terrorists knock on Your door. That’s the kingdom receipt for obedience and slavery… You will find nothing here not even water and electricity. I offer You ruins and flowers…(and once per year victory over fascism and nazism … with trumpet on tralalala free partizan’s goulash ). Guys in this forsaken village NO SISTEM EVER WORKED. No monarchy from Tereza and Francis in Austria, No feudalism, , No fascism, no nazism ,no socialism , no communism, no capitalism, no liberal democracy, no wokeism,. You understand ? Nothin , zero , nada nula worked here .Here God helps ! And honestly folks, all systems can change and all the world can change for a philosopher it changes nothing. Thousands and thousands or retinal and macula bleedings , and once even total blindness for five minutes and God is my witness that I was blind for 5 minutes and i got macula working again by miracle ! And Yes where i lived before near railways , few meters from them with all those pom pom with diesel Kennedy’s train and nazi train without drivers etc etc. Was a total perfect torture for me in dark attic , smoking cigarettes and death metal and metal music for 10 years from 20 to 30 yrs old when these years should be the best years of my life… but i was tortured and a corpse ! Behold the torture went on even when I was ill from 30 to 40 years old and of course no friend, no money, no job, aren’t politicians of Slovenia great? ! Orphans, refugees, crazy men etc. Yeah right , my father works since he was 3 years old after fascists burned this village 3 times and drop a bomb from airplane, works for 80 years, yes and he has nothing, Slovenia country by “social service” took everything etect… you really can get rich working…. What about police who grabbed me by neck because I didn’t want to give them my Sony telephone, and grabbed me for 10 min with no reason just because i wanted to buy some food in super market ? How nazi is that? Random thoughts : In darkness is difficult to find light but when you find it the darkness is enlightened. Sleep and to eat , two basic needs that people so complicate and make such circus of them. Since you get born it goes all to worse and worse, you constantly die. Books to read : Eyes of Darkness. Nietzsche : Genealogy. of morals. Elite unnaturally enjoys in torturing people. People lie, nature doesn’t lie. Social service nearly totally destroyed my philosophy. The World is my idea. Sistem works automatically (robot burocracy , internet , etc). Some doctors would be better off to be butchers. Live and let live. All is better than death , even the biggest suffering is better than death. Random thoughts : You can see two worlds. Something that is written and at second glance You see different sentence. The worst nations are Anglo Saxons and Germans. Italians are foxes too. School system is very very bad. Why do you fight for , for Siemens ? On our own land yes, then why slovenia stole from me 1.5 million € ? Thoughts : Would You live in a world of bugs (i.e. Zizek’s world without souls) Would You live in fascism ? Two Books to read : 1. Zarathustra by Nietzsche 2. The possesed by Dostojevski (Besi) P. S. If You don’t like these two, read Siddharta by Hesse P.s.s. You don’t like any of these ? Read Upanishads and Bhagavat Gita In my youth I was in a secret Illuminati society Neo-Tech. Basically they believe in materialism, Ayn Rand and capitalism. They seize the power od Satan. This Illuminati group is fulll of crap and shit and metaphysical error. O yes they wanted to kill me when I left. I was in an autodestructive Button. Today this group is Neothink, based in Nevada ! I survived what was considered impossible by super powers. God directly interfered in my car… I’ve Just listened to Slavoj Žižek on TV. Of course he is fulll of shit. But what stroke me was his THEFT of thesis: that God created , made him so. My older brother Marjan told me once (R) TM : If God starts to threaten You, blame You, You Just simply reply to God : Why You then created me ? I wouldn’t joke with such things like Žižek and honestly this charlatant and ideological THIEF is not worthy of my reply from 100 old books nor my time ! He is FASCIST, cynic, minute philosopher, famous Just for a minute… I am again rereading noble George Berkeley : Towards A New Theory of Vision ; sometimes You see so much that You think You’re blind… Don’t trust Your country (maybe have an indifferent patriotism? ) trust religion and God ! George Berkeley : Alciphron, or The Minute Philosopher (if possible read unedited , first version) God bless You ! NOTE : I SURVIVED Kate Emberlen : Miss You You know what ? Official Church is a big cheat. Life is a cheat. Life purpose is not to be happy but it’s something to be done with. Maybe Life has some meaning if You are Married and have children, otherwise You Will Be a philosopher like me. If You Marry You regret it, if You don’t Marry You regret it too. In Both ways You regret it. God give me eyes to see for what is Godly and to not see what’s from hell. Elite write one thing, speak another thing and do third thing. Who Will control laser systems in space, will control much of the world ? How to have seven years old children grasp idea that outside world is connected to their consciousness ?! I was a baby when I cried : father, father where are You ???!!!!!, Got a figure toy from my mum and stopped crying for a while , hehe, I Still remember. I red nearly eight hundred ( 800 ) philosophical books…Worth mentioning is George Bernard Shaw. I have over hundred thousands magical books, but I am not a sorcerer or Wizard, i don’t know how to cast spells… Angelus Silesius wrote that God can’t exist five minutes without him (but God existed six days without me when I was in coma.And then few Times in coma. Oh and I was few Times reanimated too, I wonder how I am Still alive. So You Live, what do You want to have more ?) What is ten thousand years ( 10 000 years ) in comparison with eternity ? It’s nearly nothing. And what is a genius lucid interval of just 50 years in darkness ? It’s a lot. Life is so short that we should all cry. I was far far away in future and horrors seized me. I was also a long time in the past and behold : some things were better than today….so choose wisely ? have both options : middle ages against all high tech dark magic (dark magic called Science) … *****Søren Kierkegaard told me that at God everything is possible.***** !!! I pray, I have insomnia these days.. U.S.A. is currently the most cold as the most cold winter ever. And day say it’s spring… origin of this idea is not new, I got it from Jean Jacques Rousseau. And is true. Dear friends, after kingdom’s henchmen nearly killed Bernards father ( food poisoning )..and another man died in the village, they nearly drove over Bernard’s body with a carriage. They kidnapped Bernard, took him in the most notirious mad house wehere you can see people in delirium and epileptic seizures. Bernard had few epileptic seizures a decade ago and now he catched plaque from other inmates (covid 19)…of voodoo asylum ! To be completely honest Bernard wanted to go by his ow free will to asylum (but didn’t know it will go so bad) where he was 11 times. His guide : Soren A. Kierkegaard You know who was the wisest man who ever lived ? King Solomon ! Bernard meanwile in horrific asylum was hited an life threatened by a roomate 24 hour on 7 for over a month. And like a front soldier, Bernard didn’t have 1 minute of peace.. I would give a lot if only I had a body especcialy as a teenager, and in early youth. I still lack some physical foundations of existing. But older I get, more body I feel. Also in asylum was horrible brainwashing and Kingdom’s indoctrination by force. Short but Quality read, Perry Burgess : Who Walk Alone ( Na otoku gobavcev ) As you would usually think the sand park of children will be after you when you will be gone… maybe it’s not true. If you go , everything goes (the objective external materialistic world and universe) with You. Rare is a birth of Man on Earth. He is eternal. And People hide from God. And how far can they hide ! (Ref. Confucius ) Angelus Silesius . We laugh when we take a toy from a child and he starts crying. But is not like all thigs are like toys ? Some even dangerous toys. Angelus : God can’t live 5 minutes without me. The best things in life are FREE. (like health, love, your skills, virtues, what You are , friends, family, youth etc) Company of my father, producing waste oil burners : Bernard went to his old mother in town for few days. He returned to village as town showed itself as hell and God lifted him from mud to the village. Anyone finished mission in PC game Cyberpunk 2077 : “talkin’ bout a revolution ?” Richard Garriott went to space at that time and began project immortality for players of Tabula rasa. It was just loading your toon from game and data to space station plus quiz in which most choose One music from Metallica, doctor achievements : penicilin and many more questions , what would humanity echo in space if planet went destroyed. What is altruism ? What is altruism ? Is “thing in itself” will to live, will to power ? You can’t really know. Henri Charrière : Papillon This book is so good that I’ve red it several times. We all live in a sort of penal colony condemned. If you know your moral compass (Kant) and if You want a better compass to know where You are (Schopenhauer) : it will show You that you are in a sort of penal colony. Germans, Italians, Anglo-Saxons and others are thousand years old enemies of Slavs ! Bernard tought : That the kingdom is so successfull is because they have thousand times planned traps (they plan a lot of things in advance also for hundred years) and things so people move in it like rabbits. And they (elite) can do whatever they want to them. Father of Bernard completely changed with a sharp tongue on talks with one woman of kingdom who declared all propriety of village and villagers land is hers. So all remaining villagers were slaves without propriety , because they were underclass. Heavy bombing on Bernards castle was heard. But no , for kingdom representative Bernard was a non existing person and living in barn ! P.s. that people help is a lie P.s.s. of 200 villagers only 8 remained. Two movies banned in United States of America (U.S.A.) : 1. Titicut Follies 2. Salt of the earth Currently trying to read after 1 week of insomnia , George Berkeley : Alciphron or The Minute philosopher in Focus…. and three dialogues… Meanwhile Bernard castle was constantly bombarded and he met his midnight (he woke up at the heaviest attack on him exactly at midnight) and noontide. God knows what else will come upon him. If the system once gets You on their bad list, they can do whatever they want to You, perfectly just whatever with todays technology, without traces since the more complex criminal acts are , the less likely are they to be proven. How many wars would be prevented with abolition of private propriety – Rousseau God is light. 7 Years ago i had horrific epileptic seizures ! Because i studied social questions… The more alone a man is, the greater he is. Bernard was sent to voodoo asylum by the Kingdom, and was on horrific torture under it accused with a lie that he is spreading virus all over the Kingdom ! How Bernard arrived to asylum ? Well he went With his father Who said that he can’t see in the Dark….they went by themselves, no emergency carriage came, so they went With own carriage (Suzuki jeep) and Bernard was a little affraid.they hit 1 doe, the 2 does which all survived and no damage to the carriage. Exactely at midnight they stop at large group of deers. One deer hit a carriage etc , But survived, then Again few does etc, and near asylum 3 small doe…etc…to be continued. Thanks to God , Bernard survived again ! Sometimes a pen is more powerfull than a sword. Moral law is primary law and law beyond and over all laws. Life is so beautifull , that you don’t realize how beautifull it is in comparisson with death. Voodoo asylum is horrific tought Bernard. Moving him all around the building didn’t break his spirit ! Voodoo asylum At one point Bernard thought he would rather be blind than to be in a horrific voodoo asylum. Who ever thinks a little different than others is sent to asylum. All his life a man works for his enemy. Bernard was sent in room where one patient claimed 100 million deaths is nothing. And there was a book a comedy of Marshal TITO … like movies of fun great dictator by Charlie Chaplin. He was first in room where there was one old man with open mouth nearly dead and was treated like a doll. Toilets were all full of urine and shit. Some people were tied to chairs and some people talked loudly…one in particular that he will call the police of all Europe. But how Bernard felt ? Horrible, horrible at one point where in one room was one worker he thought his head will explode, with so many sounds. Worker in asylum told Bernard he won’t bring packages of his mother anymore although he received just some water from her. After two rooms he got plague again and was sent in quarantine room. There was one LGBT guy walking like sans sentiment unit up and down on corridor. One guy tried to hit Bernard but Bernard blocked his two hits towards him. They don’t beat you in voodoo asylum but use situations that are worse than hits. There in quarantine room was thick smell of marihuana, joints and weeds in bathroom. Bernard doesn’t smoke not drinks so was hard for his breathing. Staff knew there were drugs and criminals in asylum but they supported them. One guy coughed till blood and one guy was in contact with police by phone non stop and saying : my little girl. But how Bernard felt in all this ? He thought is was a torture par excellence. He met his old pal who was in a far far away land (Los Angeles) 24 years ago and now he wore a war colored hat and he said that healers in voodoo asylum are afraid of him. One guy smoked weed through open window and told he is for prince of darkness. How Bernard knew they give a rat ass to their patients ? Easy, he got nearly blind several times and helaed with cold water the eyes and all just didn’t care. Voodoo Asylum , part 2 Bernard was nearly Killed by kingdom authorities (social service)and he couldn’t sleep so he went to asylum where he at least received a little water. But was time where there was no water in his castle. Voodoo doctor threatened Bernard that she would call judges. why? One guy in asylum told Bernard that their healing pills and sleeping pills are deadly dangerous. One thing can be good for one thing but makes damage to other things. Bernard nearly lost all his reason in quarantine cell. They had to put dishes in bathroom boxes etc. The highest level of police are they claimed one patient. There were all electricity blackouts. Bernard at one point nearly suffocated, he cought six times really hard and someone called him when he drank some water. He got heart aches etc. Also Bernard remembered when he got 1.5 liters of water around heart he went to healers and they said they don’t have anywhere to place him , but next day he went with emergency for heart, and they saved him in capital of kingdom , otherwise he would be dead. That old doctor claimed that nothing ached Bernard and that he was simulating !!!!! Yea right , he nearly died ! They are just demanding things in asylum like money , cigarettes etc. Bernard got because of pressure and stress some retinal bleedings. Drago that is anti government element ! Voodoo Asylum, part 3 They wanted to take Bernard’s Bible. Original method of using Bible was Bernard just asked question , opened Bible and with finger pointed on text and there showed words yes or no (in slovenian da, ja , ne) over 80% of time. Bernard was placed again in one unit where people say they place there people for whom there is no help ! There he met one worker with oil who claimed many died because of oil. But the was one man called Angel who was a drunkard , but very proud one! he took buds of cigarettes of others and made his own cigarettes. He didn’t demand like others cigarettes from stuff. He pissed at night in a bottle or in his bad. Workers were going to room with light when you couldn’t sleep as Bernard thought philosophy, like police. And some people come just to eat. We had to wait for breakfast one hour, for lunch one hours and for dinner one hour. And some women working there were very evil they cought every opportunity they had to attack Bernard because he cared for next generation of children and that’s is women business. The oldest law is this : we will destroy and mercilessly attack every man who cares for next generations. Bernard received so many pills, some even for epilepsy. Mother sent Bernard Merry Christmas Letter. They tried to take that letter. Even in worst prison it would arrive ! They were so torturing Bernard that he would just give manyShow more Voodoo Asylum, part 4 Don’t have even to mention that he lost nearly his contact lenses and was not sterile there when he took them off every night to sleep. Journalist make newspapers from dried clothes of people (metaphorically) There is no time for games of words. Asylum was really horrible ! Young guys not f*** the system but OUT OF THE SYSTEM is key. People screamed in asylum etc etc. They change religion of patients claiming that God can’t help here. Yea right. Doctors are merely believers of Aristotel. But Plato was better than Aristotel. Plato said that horse that made Aristotel can kick him back ! Whoever Believes in God , earth kicks him back in life. You can most enslave one if You convince him that he is guilty of something even if he is innocent. Most importantly : youth live so freely that every your move is like a revolutionary act. And yes in asylum there was not one moment or one minute of peace like on a frontline in war. And non stop government indoctrination and on tv in living room politics of the country ! You don’t know how good is peace…. Finally a day came when Bernard was sent home. He walked with worker down the steps and he fell down on the last step near Mary Chapel !!!!! Thank God he survived and without injuries. Some women out of nowhere were around him. He catch himself with good reflexes and hands. Even worker congratulated him. And finally Bernard is at his castle again. One VERY good book to read, Samuel Beckett : Waiting for Godot 0 people reacted Show shared copies ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- THESE TWO BOOKS ARE EXTREMELY VALUABLE AND WITHOUT A PRICE For ALL : Must read books ! : 1. Soren Kierkegaard : Concept of anxiety 2. Arthur Schopenhauer : World as Will and representation Stay with God! Go away money makers, if you want gold ask dead Schopenhauer ! By the way , In Your own country , if you are Bourgeoisie they don’t let You without work. But in foreign lands You don’t have to work your entire life that other steal after you, because if You a foreigner, they simply just don’t care, do you ? Rich (only financially, economic, people who have money, gold, cash, stocks, expensive sport or long cars, mansions , yachts, helicopters etc…) people are guilty for everything. Dear Readers, I’m playing this game now : ATOMIC HEART on PC happenings : House of Bernard’s father yesterday collapsed near the monument, because it was very old and winds very heavy and snowing …Good thing that no villagers got hurt or worse… Random thoughts : That I fell on the ground at Mary’s Chapel was a sign of God./ There is weaponization of psychiatry , and frankly they just don’t give a damn about their patients. They leave them in ruins with their bio chemical psych secrets. Patients are totally abandoned. All they want is money with their protests./ Italians are : “amici di casa” “balla morena” etc…/ I was electrocuted few times./ What were Einstein last words? Maybe nurse didn’t know because she didn’t know German language ?/ TV stations and news lie in all languages./ To live like a refugee and with just social security is nearly impossible if You don’t have transportation like me. But I live in woods, And Slovenia threw me after stealing house, naked in woods , I recovered in a barn that I call “Castle”./ They are full mouthly how governer helps, I didn’t got 1 cent from them, they know just to lie and steal. Random thoughts II : “All is money” said one guy to me. It’s not but, but You at least have to live on something. European money for some projects goes for new slavery…/ You can know some things intuitively and noone can teach you that./ I don’t like nazism, nacists or fascists./ Discriminatory business with people, “Evil toughts and evil people remain, and weak die or suffer./ I work honestly. I am proud of myself. I don’t let others in. I don’t know any problems./ You can’t change what is done and it accumulates through time and You can’t change it, all they do is to trie that people forget. But one day it so raises that explodes./ Memento mori and Memento mori II pc game (adventure). / Random Thoughts III : Medieval gifts to knights , of 1/10 of animals and crops from farms. Imagine s world where there would be village against village , man against man…/ Each year instead of mouring they have victory day in this village festivity and celebration, with music imagine by john lennon , che guevara shirts etc, Authorities lie that america U.S.A. liberated this village from nazis and fascits, In reality Russia and partisans liberated it from fascists with one doctor (Russian) … Random thoughts IV : I nearly lost my sight but with help of God I still see./ The chair Of European Union will be in Split Croatia / I don’t like that my own country reminds me of Germany. / People sleep in order to forget bad things and start fresh new. / Life itself is a miracle./ If You can’t allow/afford home school I suggest you read Schopenhauer : world as an idea : you will easily beat all optimistic universities with it. easily./ Why would You ask what will be after death or what was before birth, if it is ETERNAL NOW ? Why material matter moves or why universe moves and expand etc ? Time is illusion ? Jean de La Fontaine All is subordinated to the laws of love ?

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